Paintings can be found in the Potsdam Museum (Municipal Museum of Potsdam) and in private collections. Participation in group exhibitions in Dresden, Erfurt, Meißen and Potsdam (Germany)

Solo exhibitions (selection):

1992 Taufkirchen near Munic, Ritter-Hilprand-Hof (Cultural centre)
1993 Potsdam, Central Library of Brandenburg
1996 Potsdam-Babelsberg, Cultural centre
1999 Wildenbruch near Potsdam, Church
2000 Dresden-Pillnitz, Gallery “Old Schoolhouse”
2001 Potsdam, Parliament of State Brandenburg; Potsdam, Frederic church;
Mittenwalde, St. Moritz church; Kleinmachnow near Potsdam, Church of Resurrection
2002 Dresden, Church of Epiphany; Siegen, Martini church
2003 Potsdam, Art gallery Herr; Berlin, Australia Centre
2004 Potsdam, Old Military Orphanage (Ministry of Environment, Health and consumer Protection)
2004 and 2006 Potsdam, Pomona fane
2007 Mittenwalde, St. Moritz church; Meißen, Cloister St. Afra (Evangelical Academy)
2010 Hiddensee, Art gallery “Am Torbogen”
2011 Sao Carlos, Brazil, University cultural centre
2012 Dresden, Galerie K Westend
2012 Potsdam, Landesinstitut für Lehrerbildung des Landes Brandenburg (LaLeb)
2013 Dresden-Pillnitz, “Alte Wache” (visitors centre)
2014 Hiddensee, Art gallery “Am Torbogen”